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Aluminium Lines

Our Special Product

MCA UK Ltd has been the sole and exclusive representative of explosively bonded metallic transition joints supplied by Merrem & la Porte under the trade name Triclad for twenty years in the Indian market. Triclad has been successfully specified in both civilian and defence vessels with all of India’s leading shipyards and has decades of exemplary fault free in service experience.

Triclad is an atmospheric cladded transition joint. Shipbuilders aim to build the most reliable ship, vessel, or superyacht within budget and on time. To do so, they have to make the right choices for the most important welds in a ship. The most sought solution: welding aluminium to steel with McAlloys, the aluminium-steel transition joint.

McAlloys is produced as a parent plate in a standard size. This plate has a usable surface area of 1500 x 5800 mm, from which strips or other shapes are cut. Think for example of squares, rectangles, discs, or even complex shapes. The last two are obtained using a water jet that will minimize the need for finish machining.

To always provide shipbuilders with the best solution, McAlloys is available in custom shapes and sizes.

Image of Special Aluminium
GradesSteelInterlayerAl AlloyThickness (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)
Standard TriClad®A516 gr.55Al 1050AAl 508634,5 (19+9,5+6)3800On demand
TriClad® 19A516 gr.55Al 1050AAl 508319 (10+5+4)5800On demand
TriClad® 28Shipbuilding steel gr. DAl 1050AAl 508328 (15+3+10)3800On demand
TriClad® 33Shipbuilding steel gr. DAl 1050AAl 508333 (20+3+10)3800On demand
Titanium TriClad®A516 gr. 55TitaniumAl 300330.5 (19+1.5+10)2750On demand
Stainless TriClad®SI6LTitaniumAl $00331.5 (20+1.5+10)2/50On demand