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How are we different?

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For over 25 years MCA UK has served the needs of the UK Extrusions market.

MCA UK works with some of Europe’s most sophisticated extrusion mills to develop custom designed extruded sections for the most demanding applications. Supply agreements for key projects have run for a decade or more attesting to the company’s commitment to quality, on time delivery and focus on customer satisfaction.

MCA has extensive experience developing solutions to clients challenging requirements for complex extrusions. [he company works closely with a small number of high quality technologically sophisticated extrusion mills to provide tailor made solutions to the most demanding project requirements, particularly for large, complex extrusions in hard alloys.

Meet Our Experts Who Make It All Possible

Small picture of Tim Gibbs
Sales Director

Tim Gibbs

Tim Gibbs is a graduate in modern languages with thirty plus years of experience in the metal stockholding industry. Following ten years with French aluminium producer, Pechiney Tim formed MCA UK with business partner Stuart Burns in 1997.

An active member of the Aluminium Stockholders Association and widely respected in the industry Tim brings a wealth of experience to his role as Sales Director.

Picture of Ramesh Dhar
Import & Export Management Professional

Ramesh Dhar

Ramesh Dhar is a graduate of Mechanical Engineer from the National Institute of Technology at Srinagar and holds a Masters degree in International Business Management. He is a certified Export-lmport Management professional with over 25 years of experience in the Aluminium industry with extensive domestic and international supply experience.

Ramesh has been instrumental in establishing a business in India and the Middle East. Like all great salesmen, he is committed to customer service and looking after the needs of his clients.

Financial Manager & Executive Chairman

Stuart Burns

Stuart Burns is a BSc Honours graduate in Applied Science and in Strategic Business Development from Ashridge Management College.

With over thirty years of experience in the metals industry and as a frequent writer on metals markets and global trade, Stuarts role at MCA is largely that of financial manager and executive Chairman.

Delivering Quality